3 Office Furniture Design Trends to Follow in 2019

Office furniture design is going through a period of rapid change — one that is marked by the increasing foray of technology and an almost parallel and contrarian need to inculcate nature! We want offices that are sleek, but soothing; functional, but relaxing, colourful, but not overwhelming. It is this need for balance that will dominate 2019.

Smart offices: From cities to gadgets and offices — ‘smart’ is the way to go. We have to plan our offices that not only include technology, but also accommodate it in the future. So, we have air-charging ports, tables embedded with touchscreens, large touchscreens for presentations and so on.

Biophilic design: While you may need technology, studies have shown that humans do not do that well in wire and metal surroundings. This is why biophilic design — adding natural elements to the design — is becoming popular. Adding plants, letting in as much natural light as possible, and nature-inspired patterns are common features of a biophilic design.

Collaborative spaces: More and more offices now have collaborative spaces that are used for both professional and social reasons. These large spaces are designed to carry out multiple roles — conference rooms, meeting spaces and even temporary workstations. The office furniture design is informal, cosy and colourful.

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