Buying Office Furniture: Monochrome or Colour?

One of the biggest dilemmas when buying office furniture is whether to go with monochrome or use a more colourful approach. Both have their pros and cons. In the end it may depend on the nature of the organisation and personal preference.


Essentially a black and white combination. It could also mean using varying shade of one colour. This is a classic pairing which is perhaps the most common. The advantages are fairly obvious. It is easy to execute and neutral in shade. It does not cause any disruption in the attention of the employees and it is easy to pair it with an occasional splash of colour. On the negative side, it can be quite boring. It lacks the energy or warmth that warmer colour tones bring. This is ideal for more formal places, such as a lawyer’s office.


Certain colours like red and yellow bring warmth to an environment. Some colours also encourage creativity and energy. Another aspect is that colours should be balanced properly. Too many colours in one place can make it look chaotic. The effect can turn counterproductive to what you were looking for, when buying office furniture. If not balanced properly, colours can act as a distraction. Colours work well in places where we want warmth and energy, such as an advertising agency.

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