Neo-Con2022: A Fun And Informative Gathering Of The Industry

NeoCon is an annual contract furniture exhibition organized by the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) and is held in Chicago, Illinois. The program, which honored excellence in design and execution of commercial interiors, was the perfect combination of critical analysis and humorous bon-mots.

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Clerkenwell Design Week Show, London May 2022-UK

The furniture industry is a rapidly-changing world, and the Clerkenwell Design Week  Show featured a wide range of new products from furniture makers and designers from around the globe. Judging by all the new products on display, most manufacturers had spent much of the past three years working with in-house and external design teams, designin....
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[Infographic] Furniture Trade Associations: The Benefits

This info-graphic entitled ‘Furniture Trade Associations: The Benefits’ provides us an overview of furniture trade associations.

A trade association is a voluntary organization of independent business entities in the same branch of industry, which conducts cooperatively activities aimed at rising the welfare of the group up, which doe....
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[Infographic] 4 Aesthetic Office Furniture Styles You Need to Know:

This info-graphic entitled ‘4 Aesthetic Office Furniture Styles you need to know’ provides us an overview of different designs for office furniture.

Aesthetic office furniture styles are constantly changing. The latest fashions are always evolving and sometimes it can be difficult to f....
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The Basic Furniture Required to Organize Your Office Interior

Impressive interiors define the office standards. Ergonomic furniture, modern artwork, and proper space allocation make the office worth mentioning. You cannot invite clients if you have old and worn-out furniture. A stereotypical interior also negatively affects the productivity of the employees. If you are looking for some quirky and functiona....
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Choosing Office Furniture to Enhance Productivity

One of the most common problems a full-time office worker faces is back pain. While others might think sitting before the laptop is one of the easiest tasks, only a few can feel how difficult it is to live life.

An average office worker sitting in his/her workstation would experience back or neck pain, and it can have long-term repercussi....
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[Infographic] Five Key Factors to Consider When Buying Office Furniture:

This info-graphic titled ‘Five Key Factors to Consider When Buying Office Furniture’ provides us an overview of factors to consider while office furniture designing.

A lot of businesses induce that if it looks good and the monetary value is right, it is a keen decision. Aesthetics and cost are only two....
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Factors to Consider While Choosing Office Furniture

It is said that – ‘change is the only constant.’

The above-mentioned quote is quite relevant while you are planning to renovate or expand your office interiors. A good interior designer would concentrate on the aesthetics and look of your office, so make sure to consider some points before you proceed to purchase or remo....
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[Infographic] Workspace Design Trends: A Primer

This info-graphic titled ‘Workspace Design Trends: A Primer’ provides us an overview of office fit outs trends.

Employers that understand this will dominate in the competition to pull in talent in a shrinking labor force. The fight for top talent has brought forth a rapid transformation in workplace design. Knowing how contemporary of....
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Choosing The Perfect Office Furniture

If you are planning to renovate your office , you may require furniture that refreshes the look of your office. But choosing furniture for offices is not as easy as it seems. Your workspace needs furniture that saves space and does not fill up the entire office space.

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