3 Design Features that Make the Right Impression

As a place of work, an office must create the right impression for visitors that range from clients to prospective employees. Design elements, including office furniture design can be a vital tool in making sure of this.

Using the right space: An overcrowded office creates a negative impression but so does an empty one. When designing the layout, utilisation of the space must be done carefully. Larger spaces can be divided by partitions or screens. Elements like plants can make the layout attractive while utilising the empty space. A small space needs smart organising with multi-functional furniture or common workstations.

Organisation: The organisation of the office layout is more important than you may realise. A badly designed space will appear chaotic and disorganised, while a good layout ensures that there is an efficient utilisation of space. The reception and meetings spaces should be separated and designed accordingly.

Design alignment: A dartboard and a colourful office may seem out of place if the business is sombre and formal, such as a lawyer’s office. But it would create just the right impression in a more informal setting where creativity is more important, like a media office. The first rule of office furniture design is to align the design philosophy with the working space.

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