Office Furnishing Designs that Dominated 2018

Like all design, office furnishing is also an evolving field. But unlike any other design space, office furniture has to be utility-oriented. 2018 has seen new trends emerge and the best of older trends becoming popular. The office furniture design trends that dominated the year are:

Biophilic Design: This design stresses including natural elements as a main component or as a backdrop. The addition of natural elements such as plants and sunlight is seen as being oothing and more productive. A biophilic design is also popular in offices located in concrete jungles in order to introduce a more earthy look.

Flexible spaces: The reason for flexible spaces’ popularity is because of its judicious use of space. This type of design has minimal restriction allowing employees to use any space for work.

Collaborative spaces: Our work is becoming increasingly collaborative where people from different departments and within a single department often need to come together. Many modern offices today have more than one collaborative space. These are different from the more formal conference rooms with an informal and even funky design.

Open plan with private workstations: Open plan areas are pretty much the norm today with cabins becoming rarer. But there is also an integration of private workstations. We are now seeing innovative office furniture design that combines both these seemingly contradictory impulses. From individual pods to stylish cubicles — this is the basic principle that all office layouts today follow.

Tech integration: This goes beyond the basic outlets for laptops and printers. We have to now accommodata for new work culture and its tools, like providing for flexible workspaces, videoconferencing, data-sharing, wireless charging ports, smart boards and more.

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