Tips for Furnishing a Small Office Space

Small offices need not always be cramped and messy. With a little forethought and planning in decorating and buying office furniture, you can make even a small space look spacious and airy.

No partitions: Walls and cabins block the light and take up unnecessary space. These are elements that are going out if fashion even in large office spaces. Instead, what we have are common work areas and desks. The flow of light is important here. Taking out partitions opens up the space and automatically creates a spacious and open area.

Think vertically: Since space is limited, start thinking vertically. Use wall shelving whenever possible for storage. You can also get stylish pockets for holding files or trays for papers and folders.

Let in the light: Allow as much natural light as you can. Glass walls, ceilings and any other inlet for natural light should be used. Barring that, you can also get natural-looking light easily. Any space that is full of light always looks more spacious. You should see that light travels across the office with as few hindrances as possible.

Think colours: When buying office furniture think light colours. Dark colours absorb light, making a room smaller. Today you can get light-coloured laminated furnishing that is more suitable for small spaces.

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