Boost Productivity with the Right Office Furniture design

Can you boost office productivity with office furniture design? Research shows you can. It can have both positive and negative impact on employees. Here are a few tips to enhance productivity:

Colours: Some colours have a direct effect on productivity. Yellow is a stimulating colour, but it can be visually exhausting if used too much. Sage green, on the other hand, is seen more beneficial for analytical thinking. Dark shades should ideally be used sparingly because these also affect the lighting in the room.

Acoustics: An open office plan is great for productivity. But it does increase the noise level as people often communicate over cubicles or walk around. To balance this, we have to pay attention to proper acoustics. Sound dampening ceiling, sound dampening walls and moveable cubicle separators are among the solutions one can adopt.

Ergonomics: Optimum productivity can be achieved only if your staff and employees have a healthy working environment and this includes proper posture. Bad posture can lead to backaches, headaches and other problems. You can address this by ergonomically-designed furniture, which eases the strain on one’s body.

Lighting: Nothing affects employee productivity like bad lighting. Offices should be well lit and since natural lighting is not always possible, white lighting is usually the next best thing. Additionally, an office furniture design should ensure lighting at multiple levels — embedded lightings in ceilings, table lights and other fixtures creating a layered lighting effect.

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