Choose the Best Fabric for Office Furniture

When choosing fabric for your office furniture, there are a number of items to consider in addition to color and pattern. As you go through the process of choosing fabric, keep these tips in mind.

Location in which the furniture will be used

Where will the furniture be used will help decide the material of the fabric you will use. There is furniture specifically designed for use in Healthcare and Educational settings. Furniture for these vertical markets is designed with specific features in mind and it may limit your number of fabric options, but you want something that works for your environment. The specific location of the furniture in your building is also important. Sunlight and artificial light can fade fabric colors at different rates.

Usage of the furniture

Depending on how the furniture is used in your office can determine what level of fabric you want to use. If a chair is being used daily, you want a sturdier fabric than the one you would use for a conference chair.

Color and Patterns

There are thousands of fabric options for chairs, from single colors to the wildest of patterns. Once you’ve determined how the chair will be used, you should look at who will be using it. Trendy colors can make a fabric look old well before it wears out.

Cleaning Methods for Furniture

You can ruin the fabric and other textiles with cleaners. Clorox wipes are great for kitchens and countertops, but they can ruin some types of fabric. Check with your janitorial staff to see what type of cleaning products they use. In some cases, janitorial staff is required to use certain types of cleaners.

Choosing the Perfect Furniture for your Office

Are you fed up with the ill-designed office environment? Is the obsolete furniture and interior leading you to dullness? It’s time you change the furniture. An effective, personalized workspace and intelligently engineered office furniture affect your productivity and overall effectiveness. Here are some tips that can help you shape up your office furniture well.

List Your Basic Needs

Your list should include all ‘must haves’ for your office such as a computer, fax, printer, telephone, file storage, and so on. When making your list, think about the ways in which you plan to use the office.

Choose the Location

Though your location is predetermined, you still need to think about how best to use this space. Consider the location of windows, the entrance and the placement of power outlets. In most cases, the desk should be positioned with a view of the office entrance and to make the most use of available natural lighting.

Select Furniture Customized for You

Office furniture comes in a variety of choices. The most central component of office furniture is the office desk or workstation. While it may appear to be no more than a place for you to work, quality office furniture should integrate your technology and promote efficiency. Keep your electronic components in mind. A good desk includes wire management to keep those unsightly cords out of view. A desk’s top should be durable. Look for desks that include storage to keep everyday items out of view. Make sure that you choose an ergonomic desk chair with appropriate support. Your back will thank you.

Your Furniture should Reflect Your Style

Are you looking for something traditional or modern? Be creative. Your furniture should reflect your style. Wood furniture has a more traditional feel, while steel and glass pieces are more modern and industrial. Choose a common aesthetic for your desks, storage cabinets, chairs and other prominent elements to maintain a consistent look.

Files and Supplies need space

Utilize file storage drawers and cabinets to keep everything neat and organized. Mobile file cabinets provide flexibility as well as additional workspace. A locking file cabinet may be required to keep your files secure. If space is tight, consider adding shelves to your office to make use of vertical space.

Innovative Office Design Ideas

Most business owners forget simple things when it comes to office design. You can do the smartest thing, by using an office design that reinforces your culture and inspires creativity.

Office Inmates should run the Asylum

Allow your employees to bring in personal items, family photos, or even their dogs. It will cost nothing but could provide instant benefits. These artifacts can brighten up a dull office and also let your team be themselves at work. With such things around people act much more natural, which can enhance their innovation and creativity.

Adopt Urban Zoning

Channelize your inner urban planner and think in terms of zones. Every good city or a good restaurant has zones. So should a good office. Create zones where everyone comes and talks. Create zones for privacy and other activities.

Brand Your Space with Objects

Use iconic objects and colour to align your space with your brand and culture. Choose whatever best represents the mood you’re aiming for.

Cultivate Buzz, let people talk freely

Density counts as does having employees around matters. When you use a lot of energy and people in the space, people talk, there is a lot of interaction among people because of the background noise–the buzz–gives them privacy.

One Person does not mean One Desk only

Are you sure you need one desk per team member? Think again. With mobile working, things have become easier. When you walk into most places, how many of those desks are actually used at a time? Not many.

Designing your own office for the lean startup years is not easy. How do you know when you’re ready to set up an office of your own? Office furniture consultants UK is always ready with all the advice you may need for this.

Creating Flexible Working Environment Using Office Furniture

Today’s workplace has changed radically. Companies are embracing open space design because it fosters collaboration and increases flexibility and mobility in the office. A flexible office space ensures that employees have the freedom to work where they want and when they want. This not only improves employee comfort and satisfaction but also results in productivity gains. Here’s how you can use office furniture to create flexible working environment:

Sit-stand desking or mobile tables: Sit-stand desking allows employees to adjust their desk height to accommodate in accordance with their individual preferences. Height adjustable desks can be used in private offices or collaborative spaces that let employees meet at work as well as personal needs. Offices can also include tables fitted with castoers. With mobile tables, you get the flexibility to move tables around.

Flexible furniture for ‘activity spaces’: Today’s working style calls for collaboration among individuals and groups. Various activity spaces such as team meetings spaces, community spaces and assembly spaces are required to be equipped with flexible furniture for fostering ingenuity and creativity. For example, community spaces must include lounge furniture and standing height counters with stools while assembly spaces should have tables and storage credenzas.

Whatever is the size and design of your office, contact your local or reputed office furniture dealer to create a flexible, fun and collaborative workspace environment.

Tips for Choosing the Right Office Furniture

What office furniture to buy?

Planning to renovate your office or starting a new business? You don’t know what office furniture to buy? Here are five tips to help you choose the right office furniture to make your office look professional and attractive and keep your employees productive and happy.

  1. Choose office tables, chairs, and other furniture items that are suitable for the kind of work being carried in your office. Café style chairs may look cool but are likely to be inappropriate for a legal or IT based business.
  2. Make sure the office furniture fits easily within the available space. There should be enough room for employees to get to their desk, and in and out of their room. Plus, they should be able to open and close the cabinets and drawers easily.
  3. Buy office furniture to create different themed-areas or sections in the office. Those who communicate with clients on a regular basis may need different furniture than those who are more into conceptualising work.
  4. Make sure you buy ergonomic office furniture. Office chairs and tables should be stylish, as well as functional and comfortable. Adhere to the health and safety requirements of strains, aches, and other work-related ailments should be avoided.
  5. When thinking of what office furniture to buy, think about the impression that you wish to make on your clients. It is very important to keep your company image in mind when buying the office furniture. A design firm will want to look creative, whereas an IT firm or Chartered Accountant’s firm would want to look professional and welcoming in front of their clients. So, choose the furniture keeping in mind the image that you wish to portray to them.

Office Furniture Buying Guide [Infographic]

Every business entrepreneur wishes that his company is able to drive in more customers and keep the existing ones happy. However, this thought can only be executed if the company is good enough for the employees, as well as, for its clients.

For this, a new makeover to the office is the smart way out. You can bring in the latest furniture and make the best use of the available office space. With trendiest office set-ups to choose from, including cellular office set-up, combination office set-up, team office, and open office, you can certainly give the look and environment you wish to see in the company.

Do not forget, office furniture including desks, chairs, keyboard trays, all play a significant role. Bring the most comfortable and durable furniture that could enhance the comfort and foster your bond with your employees and clients for years to come.

Whether it is your old office that you wish to transform or you have moved to a new office, utilize the workspace in the trendiest manner to see its bright result in your future.

A Happy Place of Work Can Change your Life

A dull-looking, filthy, cluttered office can seem very depressing and lead to increased issues of sicknesses and illnesses in the office, resulting in a loss of productivity. In contrast to that, a visually-appealing office with spacious workstations, ergonomic furniture, vibrant wall shades will encourage employees to work efficiently, eventually reducing decreasing sick leave.

Most business owners install expensive equipment in their office but often ignore the furniture. An office can only become productive if its employees are happy with the kind of furniture they are provided with. No employee wants to sit on chairs that make creaking noises or a desk that is too low.

Installation of ergonomic desks and chairs can change the perception of employees and the overall productivity of an organization.

With the help of office furniture dealers, you can shape the workspace in the most professional way. With various latest designs available, you will certainly end up bringing the most visually-appealing and comfortable furniture. You can also hire office consultants, who will discuss and guide you about the right positioning of furniture in your office, style of shades to be used and much more.

Designing Office in a Professional Way

Are you planning to revamp your old workspace and give it a new look? A good office is all about its working atmosphere, which is not only determined by the personality of your employees who work there, but also about the style of architecture, furniture, and interior design.

Employees are motivated to work at a place where they find the environment comfortable and which contains good furniture and provides positive surroundings.

Consequently, every business entrepreneur must work out how his organization can turn the environment into something motivating for his employees. You can start with thinking about the total space of the office and positioning of the furniture. Once this is done, look for the right size, shape, style and design of furniture, to complement the entire look of the office.

At present, ergonomic furniture is gaining huge popularity across the world in the office furniture market. It offers tremendous benefits to employees including comfort, good health and results in productivity boost.

However, make sure to plan your budget so that your investment is made effectively

Space-Saving Office Furniture for Small Offices

For small offices, it is imperative to buy space-saving office furniture to help employees stay organised and complete their work comfortably. As well as keeping the employees comfortable, space saving furniture can make the office space look attractive and professional.

Given below are some of the space-saving office furniture items for compact office spaces

  1. Rolling Computer Tables – these are amongst the most compact furniture designs available in computer desks. Rolling computer tables come equipped with shelving units, overhead compartments, and keyboard trays for saving space.
  2. Corner Computer Desks – corner computer desks are ideal for maximising the available space. Compared to standard desks and tables, these offer more privacy and flexibility. Corner computer desks are ergonomically designed to help improve the productivity and reduce strain on the body.
  3. Mobile Filing Cabinets – for cramped office spaces, filing cabinets on castors are a great solution. They can be easily stored under desks or can be pushed into the closets or used as side tables.
  4. Under-Desk Carts – offices that do not have enough space for printer, scanner, fax machine and other large items of office furniture it is advisable to invest in under-desk carts. The wheeled carts can be used for holding heavier pieces of furniture and maximising the available office space. Under-desk carts also have built-in shelving units to store computer paper, pens, and files.

Check out your local office furniture dealer or office furniture distributor in the UK to buy space spacing furniture for your small office space

Trade Show Tips for Small Office Furniture Businesses

One of the best ways to attract new customers to your small office furniture business is to exhibit at a trade show. Trade shows offer a potential platform for office furniture distributors and office furniture dealers to showcase their products and services to their target customers. But while trade shows are great business boosters, they require lot of attention to detail and careful planning if you want to get the most out of them.

Here are a few trade show tips that small office furniture businesses can consider

  1. Define your budget – Whatever your goals are, make sure you have clearly defined them and you have a way of measuring them too.
  2. Create a Budget – This should include the cost of the trade show booth, shipping your booth to and from the trade show, cost of show listing, advertisements, etc.
  3. Information regarding what you will be promoting, your booth space, and any special event that you would attending of hosting at trade show should be shared with the public using blogs, emails, and social medial channels.
  4. It is very important to Educate People about your office furniture business rather than to simply focus on sale. Develop a rapport to find out if they have interest in your business. If yes, you may take the conversation to the next level.
  5. Be a Good Listener – The more you listen to the people who visit your trade show booth, the more you will be able to learn about their individual office furniture buying needs and requirements.
  6. Be Polite and Courteous. Say thank-you to everyone who has taken time to visit your trade show booth. This will help you win their trust and loyalty and should project a nice impression of your business.
  7. Schedule Sales Calls – Use the lead data base to identify people who were most interested in your business. Set up a phone conversation with them or meet them in person. Do not let those people slip away. They are your potential customers who could create significant return on your trade show investment.