Choose the Best Fabric for Office Furniture

When choosing fabric for your office furniture, there are a number of items to consider in addition to color and pattern. As you go through the process of choosing fabric, keep these tips in mind.

Location in which the furniture will be used

Where will the furniture be used will help decide the material of the fabric you will use. There is furniture specifically designed for use in Healthcare and Educational settings. Furniture for these vertical markets is designed with specific features in mind and it may limit your number of fabric options, but you want something that works for your environment. The specific location of the furniture in your building is also important. Sunlight and artificial light can fade fabric colors at different rates.

Usage of the furniture

Depending on how the furniture is used in your office can determine what level of fabric you want to use. If a chair is being used daily, you want a sturdier fabric than the one you would use for a conference chair.

Color and Patterns

There are thousands of fabric options for chairs, from single colors to the wildest of patterns. Once you’ve determined how the chair will be used, you should look at who will be using it. Trendy colors can make a fabric look old well before it wears out.

Cleaning Methods for Furniture

You can ruin the fabric and other textiles with cleaners. Clorox wipes are great for kitchens and countertops, but they can ruin some types of fabric. Check with your janitorial staff to see what type of cleaning products they use. In some cases, janitorial staff is required to use certain types of cleaners.

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