Creating Flexible Working Environment Using Office Furniture

Today’s workplace has changed radically. Companies are embracing open space design because it fosters collaboration and increases flexibility and mobility in the office. A flexible office space ensures that employees have the freedom to work where they want and when they want. This not only improves employee comfort and satisfaction but also results in productivity gains. Here’s how you can use office furniture to create flexible working environment:

Sit-stand desking or mobile tables: Sit-stand desking allows employees to adjust their desk height to accommodate in accordance with their individual preferences. Height adjustable desks can be used in private offices or collaborative spaces that let employees meet at work as well as personal needs. Offices can also include tables fitted with castoers. With mobile tables, you get the flexibility to move tables around.

Flexible furniture for ‘activity spaces’: Today’s working style calls for collaboration among individuals and groups. Various activity spaces such as team meetings spaces, community spaces and assembly spaces are required to be equipped with flexible furniture for fostering ingenuity and creativity. For example, community spaces must include lounge furniture and standing height counters with stools while assembly spaces should have tables and storage credenzas.

Whatever is the size and design of your office, contact your local or reputed office furniture dealer to create a flexible, fun and collaborative workspace environment.

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