MillerKnoll CEO sparks backlash after telling employees to “leave Pity City” over lack of bonuses

30 March, 2023

The CEO of a high-end office furniture company is sparking a backlash over a video in which she exhorts employees to “leave Pity City” after some asked about staying motivated if employees don’t receive bonuses this year.

Andi Owen, whose company MillerKnoll sells the iconic Herman Miller Aeron chair, along with other upscale furniture, responded in a 1 minute, 21-second video clip that some social media users blasted as “unhinged,” “nasty” and “toxic.”

Owen made the remarks as part of a 75-minute online meeting with workers, the company said in an email to CBS MoneyWatch. It added that the clip “loses the context of the broader discussion.”

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