Local Office Supply Business Brant Basics Expands With New Furniture Showroom Space

12 January, 2023

It showcases a range of furniture, office appliances, employee work space and more. The open house was originally scheduled for Dec. 15 but was postponed due to weather concerns.

Brant Basics celebrated its 58th year in business last year. The showroom was a way to help employees be excited about working in the office building again after working from home for several months from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We could really show employers to invest in their spaces to make them attractive and make them more attractive for when the employees do return to their workspace,” said Jeff Cox, Brant Basics president and co-owner.

Cox mentioned that lots of new technology for workspaces, offices and at home wanted to be a focal point of the showroom and its look had to replicate the modern products they wanted to sell.




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