Eakes Office Solutions celebrates 75th anniversary

Saturday, 05 September, 2020

Eakes Office Solutions, a provider of business products and solutions, is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. Founded in 1945 by Howard Eakes, the company has grown from two employees in Grand Island, Nebraska, to over 250 employees spanning 13 locations across Nebraska.

Originally named Office Equipment Company, Eakes started as a Remington Rand adding machine and typewriter servicing business. As Eakes continued to grow, so did their business offerings. The company added filing systems and office supplies in 1952, copiers and printers in the late 1970s, furniture and design services in 1998, commercial janitorial products and equipment in 2017, and a software and technology services division in 2019. Eakes Office Solutions continues to grow their services to better support their customers in every aspect of their business.
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