How to Dispose Off the No-Longer-Needed Office Furniture

If you’re planning to relocate, renovate or even close your office and looking forward to your retirement, apparently there will be a long list of no-longer-needed office equipment and furniture which you want to dispose off or sell-off and also want to earn a good amount out of this deal. Being a competent and accomplished professional in the field, JSA Consultancy is very well aware of the fact that redistribution or disposing off office furniture and equipments is not an easy job at all. The panel of consultants will help you create a to-do-list where you can prioritize your needs and work accordingly.

For example, first of all, you can create a list of your office inventory so that you can show it to the vendors and distributors and they can get the correct details about the inventory. This inventory will also help you in getting a comprehensive disposition of your office furniture with an item-by-item value of your surplus. You should plan to cover the risks involved with a larger surplus which can include the risk of unpredictable second-hand market, the labor fees, double-handling and the storage fee of the equipments and many more. In this moment of crisis, a consultant can be someone who can help you settle down the no-longer-needed furniture without hassle.

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