[Infographic] Workspace Design Trends: A Primer

This info-graphic titled ‘Workspace Design Trends: A Primer’ provides us an overview of office fit outs trends.

Employers that understand this will dominate in the competition to pull in talent in a shrinking labor force. The fight for top talent has brought forth a rapid transformation in workplace design. Knowing how contemporary office design stimulates collaboration and engages employees and is key.

Workplace design trends are evolving to better engross how people work. One thing’s for certain: decades of cubicle supremacy are coming to an end. This change is occurring at a surprisingly fast rate. Top talent simply refuses to be limited by congested cubicles.

The latest workplace design trends are moving away from the purely aesthetic to blend the beautiful and the functional in new and breathtaking ways. Many modern designs focus on rising up employee engagement and fruitfulness through optimizing collaboration, focus, and efficiency based on their shifting paradigm. Here we have listed popular engaging design trends across US – along with a breakdown of different kinds of modular spaces for a office area.

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Workspace Design Trends: A Primer

Workspace Design Trends: A Primer


Roger Martin-Fagg’s latest Economic Update

Readers who have been following the economic updates of Roger Martin Fagg will remember that Roger had mentioned that we should expect significant issues with labor supply after the end of lockdown. The main culprit behind the labor supply issues was considered by many as Brexit. However, in his latest economic update, Roger claims that the reason behind the labor supply issues is a bit more complicated.

Roger reveals that western governments were aware of the non-existent or mediocre growth in productivity of major economies since 2018. He added that they realized this even before the covid19 pandemic hit the world in 2020. The mediocre productivity growth of major economies was mainly because of austerity measures, particularly the collapse in the investment in the public sector.

In his latest economic update, Roger states that the public sector is in need of an effective and efficient base from which they will be able to operate with telecoms, sewage disposal, power, water, port facilities, space, and more.

Several countries including India, Germany, and the United States seem to have under-invested when it comes to domestic infrastructure. It is important to note that the countries such as UAE, Sweden, China, and Singapore that invested in domestic infrastructure were able to perform a lot better.

Before the Covid19 pandemic, borrowing money for capital investment was regarded as sound by several experts in industry. That said, borrowing to finance social spending like pensions was considered to be irresponsible.

However, the view changed during the pandemic, and spending whatever was needed to prevent deaths, find a vaccine, and maintain productive capacity during lockdown was considered to be essential. As a result, there has been a considerable increase in the global money supply chain.

Here’s everything discussed in the latest economic update from Roger Martin Fagg :  https://jsacs.com/publications/published-articles/

[Infographic] 9 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Designer

This info-graphic titled ‘9 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Designer’ provides us with an overview of benefits of hiring a furniture designer.

Hiring a furniture consultant can simplify your life when it comes to creating a beautiful space in your office. These furniture designers often can save you time and money when it comes down to decorating your office areas. If you have moved into a new office, it would be the best time to bring in a designer so that everything from color selection to furniture can be suitably chosen to reflect the client. Also, we are trained in selecting furnishings of appropriate size and scale for a space and how to minimize or maximize space or areas.

One of the most common problems we run into when we get into any office space is inappropriately sized furniture. Most bushiness areas have too little furniture or too much. , therefore space planning is one of the most important reasons that calls for an advisor. There is a world of furniture, fabrics and accessories that are accessible “to the trade” only, which is a big reason to hire a designer to finish your office space.

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9 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Designer


Choosing The Perfect Office Furniture

If you are planning to renovate your office , you may require furniture that refreshes the look of your office. But choosing furniture for offices is not as easy as it seems. Your workspace needs furniture that saves space and does not fill up the entire office space.

Given below are some quick tips that can save your time and effort selecting the perfect furniture for your workplace:

The furniture should serve the purpose

Rather than choosing some fancy furniture for your workplace, look for something functional and space-saving. A desk with drawers or a couch with chests can always help you store important documents and several other valuable items. A fancy desk with no drawers can cause inconvenience.

Choose furniture that reflects your business

Your office is the face of your business, and hence, you cannot choose any furniture that reflects  poor taste and lowers your reputation. Well-furnished office interiors are vital if your clients visit your workplace frequently. If you have a senior managerial position, it is expected that your cabin and the furniture must look grand.

Place an ergonomically designed office chair

Employees spend their entire day sitting and working on their office chairs, and hence, a high-quality office chair is required to keep up productivity levels. A good chair can support the spine and keep itstraight, without causing fatigue or back pain.

Do not stuff in more furniture

The idea of redesigning a workplace space is to declutter the additional furniture that takes up much space. Stuffing up the office space can block the mind and hamper productivity. You can also add some green elements like climbers and plants around for visual pleasure.

Get some additional storage space

You may require additional storage space apart from your desk drawers and couch chests. The storage spaces can be added with multipurpose cabinets or bookcases. You can ask your designer to help out with the latest office storage designs.

The office interior require furniture that makes the place more useful, like a coffee table with tools, or a wall-hanging shelf. An office can be more productive if it is well-positioned and in sync with nature. As an employer, you must think of ways to reduce the stress level of the employees, and an office with nice interiors can do that.


This info-graphic  ‘ECONOMIC UPDATE AUGUST 2021’ gives us an overview of post pandemic rise in inflation around the World and suggested  courses of action.


British consumer prices rose by more than anticipated last month as fuel and clothing costs surged following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Much of the inflationary pressure in May was due to price swing caused by the pandemic. Fuel and clothing prices dropped a year ago when Britain’s first national lockdown reduced demand, then rose again in May as the restrictions  imposed during a third lockdown were eased.


There is currently an abundance of money in the global system. The author states Governments and Central Bankers are trying very hard to ensure inflationary expectations do not become embedded in the national psyche. Also, Central Bank digital currencies would be accessible to all and could be a very efficient low-cost payment system run directly by not-for-profit central money repositories.


CFOs are now focusing more prominently on growth, and not on cost reduction. They are planning to increase investment spending, mainly especially  Mergers & Acquisitions. The leaders have promised to render vast infrastructure renewal using available money in the system. For more detail, please refer to the info-graphic below.




[Infographic] Five key characteristics of the best Office Furniture

This info-graphic titled ‘Five key characteristics of the best Office Furniture’ provides us an overview of attributes of office furnishings.


The furniture is considered the centerpiece of any organization, such as a house, office or working space. In a wider sense, furniture refers to portable objects that assist various human activities, hold objects at a handy height and store items.


In every contemporary workplace setting, a piece of furniture plays an important role in the ambiance of the workplace, giving a safe and reposeful atmosphere and a comfortable feeling to all the occupants of the office. The value of furniture in an office doesn’t just stop with comfort. The function of furniture in the productivity of workers and the efficient operation of a workplace is more extensive than we might think. Hence, choose your furniture wisely. The new focus in collaborative office design is on people, devising spaces a better fit for the kind of work people actually do every day is an outstanding investment in your business.


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[Infographic] Five key characteristics of the best Office Furniture

[Infographic] Five key characteristics of the best Office Furniture

Roger Martin Fagg’s August Economic Update

The August 2021 economic update released by Roger Martin Fagg focuses on whether the current increase in inflammation marks the start of a new inflammatory growth cycle or just a short-term blip. The different types of inflammatory measures available out there can offer something to both politicians and analysts.

Do you know that the RPI (Retail Price Index) was initially introduced after the First World War? Norman Lamont, who was the former chancellor of the Exchequer, made the decision to remove mortgage interest payments from the Retail Price Index, and then it was named RPIX.

However, CPIH has been the main index since the year 2017. In his August Economic Update, Roger Martin Fagg talks about how different RPI and CPIH are, and then he also gives a clear idea on how you can calculate CPIH.

He mentions that CPIH will always give a relatively lower inflation rate when compared to RPI. However, the major issue is that Retail Index Price and the methodology behind it has been considered as unfit, which is why they are no longer used.

He also states that May 2020 being a lockdown is irrelevant here, as the index is based on 2015. According to some recent data from the United States, CPI is currently eight percent higher when compared to the stats from the previous year. The data from last year was not from a lockdown month.

In his latest August Economic Update, Roger Martin Fagg also talks about the implication that the Covid19 pandemic will have on the tax rates. In addition to that, he also discusses the impact of Brexit. The Economic Update reveals that approximately 60 percent of companies have reported no volume impact from Brexit.

Check out the August Economic Update from Roger Martin here : https://jsacs.com/articles/economic-update-august-2021/

[Infographic] How Hiring a Furniture Consultant Can Help Save Money?

This info-graphic titled ‘How Hiring a Furniture Consultant Can Help Save Money?’ provides us with an overview of roles and responsibilities of a furniture consultant.

Furniture creation has been an art form for hundreds of years. Furniture consultants are professionals who advise on furnishings to be used and enjoyed. They propose a structured plan for designing furniture and related products for industrial, commercial clients balancing innovation, aesthetic appeal and functionality of furnishings. They always keep a check on functionality of wooden pieces, the way they look and the limitations of the material that they are made from.

Furniture design consultants evaluate customer or client needs, plan with architects, oversee the layout of furnishings, and choose fashion themes accordingly. They also come up creating product displays, help in marketing processes, and create relevant interior spaces for these pieces of wood.

As office furniture consultants, we provide an expansive list of services, from office space planning, to creating a professionally-designed visual sense for your office, to choosing the best furniture to optimize the layout of office, all the way through commencement and beyond.

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[Infographic] How Hiring a Furniture Consultant Can Help Save Money?

This info-graphic titled ‘How Hiring a Furniture Consultant Can Help Save Money?’ provides us with an overview of roles and responsibilities of a furniture consultant.

How much is used office furniture worth?

Used office furniture is generally estimated to be worth around 50% to 60% of its original purchase price. However, this value only applies to furniture which is in good condition and where the models that are still in production. Take an example to give you a clear idea of how much the worth of office furniture really is.

Let’s assume the price of a brand new Becant desk is around 150 dollars. This means that you will be able to sell a used Becant desk for 80 to 100 dollars. Similarly, if the price of another similar desk is around 495 dollars, then it can be easily sold for 275 to 325 dollars.

When it comes to official business terms, the depreciation rate of office furniture is estimated to be approximately 14 percent every year. So, if the Becant desk in your office is two years old, then you will need to consider this aspect too while selling the desk. However, it is important to note that the price of the desk may significantly vary based on its current condition.

Something interesting business owners should realize is that they will sometimes be able to sell office furniture that is no longer in production at a higher price. That said, the office furniture you are selling will have to be in excellent condition and it should be made from wood or other top quality materials to get a higher price.

Businessmen often complain that they find it really hard to calculate a reasonable price for used office furniture. If that’s the case, then you should remember that office furniture should always be priced  by reducing 14% of its original purchase value every year. This will help you to easily come up with a reasonable sales price for the used office furniture.

[Infographic] Post COVID UK-Economic Predictions for 2021:

This infographic titled ‘Post COVID UK-Economic Predictions for 2021’ provides us an overview of business predictions.

For the first time in what seems like forever, we can look back to 2020 and feel way better. A year ago, we were all at sea about the future direction of the economy when forecasts were being downgraded on a regular basis; and lockdown was extending ahead of us.

The economic growth prospects for the UK in 2021 have been significantly upgraded in a report published by Economist Roger Martin Fagg. He says “Businesses should expect to sell 13 months of output in 12 months”. He also mentions we will learn to adapt to coronavirus and need to live our lives accordingly.

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[Infographic] Post COVID UK-Economic Predictions for 2021

[Infographic] Post COVID UK-Economic Predictions for 2021