How much is used office furniture worth?

Used office furniture is generally estimated to be worth around 50% to 60% of its original purchase price. However, this value only applies to furniture which is in good condition and where the models that are still in production. Take an example to give you a clear idea of how much the worth of office furniture really is.

Let’s assume the price of a brand new Becant desk is around 150 dollars. This means that you will be able to sell a used Becant desk for 80 to 100 dollars. Similarly, if the price of another similar desk is around 495 dollars, then it can be easily sold for 275 to 325 dollars.

When it comes to official business terms, the depreciation rate of office furniture is estimated to be approximately 14 percent every year. So, if the Becant desk in your office is two years old, then you will need to consider this aspect too while selling the desk. However, it is important to note that the price of the desk may significantly vary based on its current condition.

Something interesting business owners should realize is that they will sometimes be able to sell office furniture that is no longer in production at a higher price. That said, the office furniture you are selling will have to be in excellent condition and it should be made from wood or other top quality materials to get a higher price.

Businessmen often complain that they find it really hard to calculate a reasonable price for used office furniture. If that’s the case, then you should remember that office furniture should always be priced  by reducing 14% of its original purchase value every year. This will help you to easily come up with a reasonable sales price for the used office furniture.

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