Roger Martin Fagg releases latest Economic Update

Roger Marin Fagg’s latest economic update starts with the author acknowledging that he has understood the need for content to be kept clear and simple. Roger then takes us through a detailed introduction to the development of economic thinking. The author also talks about how much support is being offered by governments for their respective economies at the present.

Roger states that the UK and the USA will borrow and spend approximately 17 percent of their GDP in 2021. Roger makes it clear that the money will not be borrowed from savers or collected from taxpayers. Instead, it will be created by the central banks of both countries. In the economic update, Roger estimates that both these economies will be expecting an increase in growth during the second half of 2021.

The latest economic update from Roger surely gives several valuable insights to business owners. If you are someone who is running a business, then here are a few insights from the economic update that could help your business.

  • The author advises businesses to automate all back-office functions of their business where and whenever possible
  • Businesses must not just treat employees well, but must also pay them well. Apart from that, businesses should offer ample support when it comes to employee training
  • Suitors may approach you to either merge your business with others or to buy your company. This is why you should remember that 80 percent of acquisitions and mergers fail to deliver the desired results or expected returns

Check out the latest economic update from Roger Martin-Fagg here :

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