Amazon Investing In Home Office Furniture Growth

Wednesday, 16 September, 2020

NEW YORK— Amazon is investing in its own furniture brands, making them a point of advantage when it comes to the promotion of mass-market furniture, and home office has become a critical part of that, especially recently.

Coresight Research pointed out that the company now identifies 111 own-brands that sell through its site. Of those, 33 have more than 100 available items, with Rivet, the company’s mid-century furnishings line being one. In fact, at 2,177 items on Amazon, Rivet comes in second in product portfolio terms after AmazonBasics, which offers 4,152 items, but before AmazonEssentials, which is focused on apparel and offers 2,092 items. AmazonBasics offers a range of products with furniture, including office furniture, represented.

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