Old office furniture: trash or treasure?

Many offices plan to change the interiors and furniture so as to give the space a facelift. Believe it or not, a nicely decorated indoor can boost employees’ productivity. Many organizations have introduced ergonomic concepts too, and this has created a positive environment.

Hiring an Office Furniture Consultant can help you in getting ideas on how to reuse your old office furniture if you do not wish to dispose of it.

However, many organizations have refurbished the old furniture so that it fits well into the new concept. Let’s see how you can use old furniture to give your office a brand-new look.

  1. Paint them to match the interior

Brown and wooden textures have become too monotonous and old-fashioned. Why not go for bold hues like lemon yellow, and green themes to create a positive atmosphere? You can colour the walls in bright lemon yellow and put solid colours on the wooden chairs. You can also design some quirky designs on the wall and the furniture.

  1. Bright cushions can make sofas look interesting

No more grey or dull colours for the office interiors. If you don’t wish to change the beige, white, black or brown colour of the lounge sofa, put some solid coloured cushions (red, blue, green, pink, etc.) and see how interesting your furniture and the lounge interiors can look.

  1. Recreate and redesign the existing wooden furniture

Redesigning is always a great idea when you wish to stay within budget and don’t want to invest much in the furniture. You can get the furniture polished and varnished well so that you can fit it in the new interiors of the office.

  1. Exchange furniture

Your old furniture can be your treasure and not trash. You can always exchange the old furniture in your existing office and fetch some new ones with good discounts.

You can take advice from a reputable Office Furniture Consultant who can advice you how you can convert your old office furniture into a modern treasure for your new set-up.

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