AFA – Ahmedabad Furniture Association


Looking to scattered and un organized Industry and the hardships faced by so many entrepreneurs, to address the problems of trade and industry, Ahmedabad Furniture Association was established in the year 1982 by three prominent founder members named Janab Chhotubhai Luhar, Shri Jaydevprasad Brahmbhatt, Shri Nagardasbhai, Shree Uday Chandra (Bhachubhai) and Janab Habib bhai Ajmeri.

It was there after nurtured by Shree Uday Chandra (Bhachubhai) and was made a strong Association with the help of Janab Habib bhai Ajmeri , Shree Dinesh Sheth and the Executive Committee members like ShreeKantibhai Kadia, Shree Sureshbhai Gajjar Shree Manubhai Shah and so on… WEBSITE / INQUIRE / MORE INFO


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