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TC Cuadernos (Spain)

The Spanish magazine TC Cuadernos publishes 6 monographs every year, where they thoroughly explain specific projects by architects from both the national and international scene. Therefore, it has a practical variant, which allows to learn about the details of each architectural proposal. WEBSITE/ INQUIRE / MORE INFO

El croquis (Spain)

El Croquis is one of the most important publications at international level, with a bimonthly publication of their monographs, where the projects of the most outstanding international architects are documented. They also publish an annual issue, where the most important architectural projects and works of Spain are collected. Its content is focused on selected projects, with great graphic documentation, detailing the processes and constructive particularities of each of the works reviewed. WEBSITE/ INQUIRE / MORE INFO

Surfaces Reporter (India)

Surfaces Reporter is India’s 1st magazine specialized on “products & materials” for architecture & Interiors. WEBSITE/ INQUIRE / MORE INFO

Design and Architecture (Singapore)

Design and Architecture (d+a) is a Singapore-based title established in 2001. We began as a bi-monthly print magazine and have since developed a digital presence too. WEBSITE/ INQUIRE / MORE INFO

Indonesia Design (Indonesia)

Indonesia Design, Indonesia’s essential and most widely read design lifestyle magazine rich with in-depth, innovative and exciting information on architecture, art, interior design and all of their allied fields from within the archipelago and beyond. WEBSITE/ INQUIRE / MORE INFO

IFI Design Limited

IFI Design Limited is expertise on office design, design and build, turn-key services for Hong Kong and Singapore corporate clients. WEBSITE/ INQUIRE / MORE INFO


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