Sort by (USA) (Contract Furnishings News) provides curated stream of what's happening in the world of contract furnishings, the workplace and commercial interiors.

eMóbile (BRAZIL)

Updated daily by a team of professional journalists, the eMóbile Portal aggregates the most current and relevant news for professionals in the furniture sector, be they industrialists, retailers, carpenters or designers and architects.  WEBSITE / INQUIRE / MORE INFO

XXI Architecture and Design Magazine (Turkey)

XXI Architecture and Design Magazine focuses on architecture and design's capacity to generate sociality, quality public life and equality. Through projects, interviews and critical articles XXI aims to provide a general view of the current approaches. WEBSITE / INQUIRE / MORE INFO


Bilingual Quebec magazine awarded with prestigious international awards, INTÉRIEURS highlights the culture of design and architecture.


Federmobili online magazine - National Federation of Furniture Shops | Confcommercio Imprese for Italy


SPAINCONTRACT is a leading professional physical and digital magazine in the contract business. Equipment for the hospitality sector (hotels and restaurants), offices, retail ... We value the use of Spanish products in contract projects.

La Milanese (Italy)

"The Milanese – even the ones we’ve acquired, adopted or simply have temporary custody of – often say: “Milan at the centre.” “At the centre of what?” one might ask. Of education, of work and of business, of entertainment, of innovation, of design, of fashion … and so on and so forth. But, turning it on its head, what is there at the centre of Milan? Or, better still, who? Michaela Proietti’s brilliant first book La Milanese, or rather “the woman the whole world envies,” is her own response." WEBSITE / INQUIRE / MORE INFO

Work&Place (Hong Kong)

Work&Place is a global resource for people like you with a professional interest in the intersection of work with digital, cultural and physical space. Since 2012, it has engaged the world’s most progressive workplace thinkers to explore cutting edge ideas about the ever-changing and transdisciplinary nature of work and place.

Your Workplace (CANADA)

Your Workplace is a premium source of leading-edge content to help you create a thriving workplace where everyone wants to work. WEBSITE / INQUIRE / MORE INFO

Workplaces Magazine (USA)

Workplaces Magazine are the go-to sources for keeping you informed about everything that is happening in the industry. From trends that affect your bottom line, to new products that will help your customers work better, to stories that will help you run a better, more informed company. WEBSITE / INQUIRE / MORE INFO


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