Neocon 2011 Review

Neocon, the nation’s largest commercial interior design show, held in Chicago in June this year attracted approximately 700 furniture design exhibitors and 40,000 designers and other interested visitors.
The trends and products at the show predominantly figured sustainability, agile working, plus health and well-being- the most important issues influencing the workplace right now. Further, With LEED certification having become an important requirement for any tender in the US, it appeared that the more established furniture manufacturers seriously felt the need to make green, lean products.

The major attractions at the Neocon 2011 were Humanscale’s Trea Guest Chair, Confer, a multi-purpose chair by Senator International, locally known as Allermuir, Haven range of sofas, screens, and tables by Gabbertas, Insight seating range by Pierce and Llyod, highly eclectic and loose furnishings ranges from Magis now being distributed in the US by Herman Miller, The Fulltwist chair from Mark Goetz and the Loophole table from Jay Chapman.
The Steelcase Company Turnstone, showed Bivi consisting of a single side-frame and one size worktop. It was probably the most interesting and thought provoking product at the show. Then Okamura launched their new mesh seat and back multi-purpose stacking chair, Zart, and New York based Karim Rashid introduced the Chakra Chair which looks undeniably like a butterfly.

There were many other products and trends at the Neocon 2011. Most of them highlighted their commitment to the environment, to the comfort and well being of the workers, and to the latest new way of working. Further, the user benefits were clearly defined and understood.

To know more about the Neocon 2011, the products and trends, strategies, and more, you can visit for a complete review of the interior design show. Those looking for Orgatec 2010 review can also visit the website.

Choosing an Office Furniture Distributor

The services of office furniture distributors are of significant value to office furniture companies. They serve as the middlemen between an office furniture manufacturing company and the end buyers. By informing the manufacturing companies what buyers in a particular area or region really want to buy, furniture distributors and dealers help to improve the sales of these companies considerably. Also, by handling distribution installation and after sales service, the distributors and dealers make the whole process smooth and hassle-free for the manufacturers too.

But in order to enjoy these and other benefits offered by the office furniture distributors and dealers, one must make a careful and wise selection. It is advisable to choose an office furniture dealer which has been in the industry for a few years and enjoys a good reputation in the market. Such a dealer would have a good knowledge of the market. It is also recommended to choose a dealer with an extensive network of contacts with importers, wholesalers, mail order companies, trade associations, and buying groups. Such a dealer can facilitate the sales and distribution process for an office furniture company to a great extent.

Finally, check the past record of the office furniture dealer or office furniture distributor. Make sure that the dealer has a list of reputed clients which he is willing to share with you. Talk to some of his past clients to assure yourself of the reliability and quality of his services.

Office Furniture Trade Shows and Exhibitions for an Office Furniture Dealer

If you are an office furniture dealer or an office furniture distributor, it is extremely important for you to attend office furniture trade shows and exhibitions that are held in your city or country, as well as those organised in other countries across the world.

Office furniture trade shows and exhibitions introduce you to the latest office furniture trends, office furniture designs, and office furniture technologies. You can determine whether your office furniture brand meets the existing office furniture and interiors design requirements and specification or not. Trade shows and exhibitions are effective business platforms for familiarising yourself with the latest trends and for conceptualising your production, marketing, and distribution strategy efficiently.

There is another important reason for attending trade shows and exhibitions. You can meet other office furniture dealers and distributors with whom you can enter into business collaborations and partnerships, mergers, and even acquisitions. You can also exploit some lucrative business opportunities that can give your business a superior competitive edge in the market.

Works shops and seminars are also frequently included in office furniture trade shows. These workshops often provide great insight into the latest technological advancements, research work, and other valuable contributions made in the office furniture and interiors design market across the globe. Your office furniture and interiors design business can benefit a lot if you attend these seminars and workshops.

Simple yet Effective Ways to Improve Your Office Furniture Sales

If you own a small or a mid-sized office furniture business and want to improve your office furniture sale, here are some simple yet effective ways to achieve the same.

Join your local office furniture trade association and business league as these are often attended by several office furniture companies, both small and big, office furniture designers, importers, wholesalers, office furniture distributor, and others from the industry. You can develop useful contacts for improving the office furniture sales of your brand at the local as well as international level.

Attend office furniture trade shows and exhibitions to learn about the latest office furniture designs and trends in the market. Usually, office furniture companies face a decline in the office furniture sale because their products become outdated and obsolete or irrelevant for the buyers in terms of design, style, and material. By incorporating the latest designs and features you can give a competitive advantage to your office furniture brand and can eventually boost its sale.

Finally, seek office furniture consultancy services from a reputable business consultancy firm. Office furniture consultancy services play a vital role in improving the sales and business profits for office furniture and interiors businesses.