Nowy Styl expands to Dubai

Friday, 10 August, 2018
POLAND/UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Office furniture suppliers and interior designers Nowy Styl has taken a 60 pct stake in Stylis Dubai in a joint venture with Saudi Arabian partner Stylis which holds a 40 pct stake.

The new company is to sell office and hotel furniture throughout the Middle East region. “We’ve been in the United Arab Emirates for several years and we have a branch in Dubai. In recent years, we’ve been working closely with Saudi company Stylis, for whom we’ve started to produce hotel furniture in Poland. By combining our know-how with that of our partner’s, we have created services that local investors value. In six years, we have furnished 21 four- and five-star hotels with 5,795 rooms. This deal will allow us to develop our interior design services for hotels under the Stylis brand for the whole Persian Gulf region,” says Adam Krzanowski, the CEO of the Nowy Styl group.

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