JSJ Corp. to close office furniture manufacturer izzy+

GRAND HAVEN — JSJ Corp. plans to wind down office furniture maker izzy+ after 17 years of operation.
The manufacturing holding company said today that it would discontinue production of izzy+ branded products and refocus its resources on other manufacturing segments in its portfolio, including automotive, medical and equipment.

JSJ Chairman and CEO Nelson Jacobson said the company planned to repurpose an izzy+ facility at 17237 Van Wagoner Road in Spring Lake and transition “as many people as possible to support three of our other well-known businesses in the area.”

“We are a 100-year-old company, and as we go through and look at the opportunities we have, furniture just doesn’t fit as well as the other businesses we have,” Jacobson told MiBiz. “We’ve been able to take these resources and skills and transfer them effectively.”

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