Herman Miller On Tapping Automation To Thwart Fraud Threats

Monday, 12 October, 2020

Consumers are using debit cards to buy big-ticket furniture pieces online and transform their homes into home offices. In the Next-Gen Debit Tracker, Ben Groom, global chief digital officer for furniture retailer Herman Miller, explains how new fraud tech will let consumers pay using funds on hand in their bank accounts without the fear of fraud.

Consumers are still shopping online more than ever seven months into the global COVID-19 pandemic. One recent study found that new customer accounts now represent 30 percent of all transactions made online, for example, five times as many as they did prior to the crisis. This growth is a double-edged sword for merchants, as they need to keep up with consumers’ shifting payment expectations online and in-store while protecting their data against increasing numbers of fraud attacks.

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