Furniture maker raises $6.9 million to boost ecommerce presence

Monday, 30 November, 2020

Uhuru Design, a designer and manufacturer of commercial and residential furniture, has raised $6.9 million to build out its sales through ecommerce as well as through its business-to-business sales reps and dealer network, the company says. It’s also launching new direct-to-consumer products.

“The timing of this capital raise was critical to allowing us to lean into the ‘resimmercial’ or work-from-home market that exploded in the wake of COVID-19, while also shoring up our U.S.-based manufacturing that has struggled with intermittent shutdowns and talent shortages,” says Leo Lucisano, CEO of Uhuru Design. Uhuru did not name the source of its funding, but says it “includes a significant cash investment as well as an expanded credit facility and access to additional resources to support organizational growth and go-to-market strategies.”

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