Bene and Neudörfler acquire Hali and Svoboda

The investment company BGO, led by Erhard Grossnigg and former Minister Martin Bartenstein, has bought the Austrian office furniture manufacturer Hali. In addition, the company has taken an option on all shares of Svoboda declared bankrupt last week. BGO already owns the other two major Austrian manufacturers: Bene and Neudörfler.

Subject to approval from the competition authorities, Hali was bought by BGO in early February, the company said in a press release. “Our goal is to form a group of office furniture producers at European level“. The acquisition was reported to the competition authority last Monday.

According to the latest available information, Hali is market leader in Austria with a market share of 16%, which is slightly larger than Bene. Number three is Neudörfler with 13%, followed by Svoboda with 9%. Hali realized a turnover of around € 45 million per year, and employs 230 employees at the head office in Eferding, and at the company’s 7 sales locations in Austria.

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